Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Day At The Circus

This painting reminds me of a day at the circus. When I think of the circus, I think of bright colors. Even though this painting doesn't have elephants, or tight-rope walkers in it, i'm sure when you look at this painting you will see where i'm coming from when I say that this painting reminds me of
''A Day At The Circus.''

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twisted Fate

Sadly this painting is untitled. If you have any ideas of a name for this untitled painting please
comment giving me your idea. Even though this painting is untitled I see many possibilities of what this painting might contain in the viewer's eye. Many people have told me different things on what they think this painting looks like. I have been told that this looks like an underwater scene,weeds growing from the ground, and even music notes. Again please comment on what you think I should name this painting. You might even win a prize. - February 2011

Thank you all for the great names. Trust me when I say making a decision on the titles suggested was not easy. However, the winning entry is "Twisted Fate" by Kelly. Kelly will recieve an original piece by Cade. - May 2011